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Brachycerus sp Benin  - Giant death feigning weevils for sale
  • Brachycerus sp Benin - Giant death feigning weevils

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - Benin

    Temp - 23 - 27c

    Humidity - 60 %


    NOTE ( These will play dead on arrival )


    A large species of weevil from West Africa also called Armoured lily weevils, they are active on the surface, but be warned if you touch or pick them up they can and will keel over and play dead from anything to an hour or even up to two - three days , and don't be surprised if when you unbox them that they lay motionless for a period of time,

    Feeding on soft fruits, spring greens, vegetable matter also Carrots, apple, courgette and a variety of mushrooms )


    Keep these weevils on sand and topsoil mix , with some cork for hides and some low vines or branches for climbing on.

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