Chalconotus convexus - plum dung beetles for sale
  • Chalconotus convexus - plum dung beetle

    Size - Adult

    Source -wc

    Country of Origin -Ghana

    Temp - 24 - 28c

    Humidity - 40 - 50%

    • Extra Information

      Here at Venomous Visions we have an attractive species of dung beetle, which are both a bit unusual and easy to keep. They can be fed horse dung which, believe it or not doesn't smell when it's fresh or a few days old. It has very little odour apart from a slightly grassy smell due the horse's diet. You can also try soft fruits and dung beetles have sometimes been known to eat defrosted mice. We feed ours horse dung, Substrate can be made from a mixture of 50% sand and 50% top soil mix and can be 4 - 5 inches deep. The adults will lay their eggs in the dung which the grubs then feed on.

      Note: Please make sure that the horse dung you feed to these animals is completely free of chemicals and medication as many horses are given worming tablets as part of their routine care. If necessary you can find safe dung balls in our dry goods section