Chicobolus spinigerus "Ivory" millipede
  • Chicobolus spinigerus - Ivory millipede

    Size - subadult / adult

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - USA

    Temp 22-25c

    Humidity 70%

    • Basic Requirements

      This is a lovely little millipede well suited for beginners as it's easy to care for. The optimum temp for them is between 22c-24c and they require a humidity of around 70%-80%. They are a fairly small species only growing to around 10 cm so don't require loads of room. They are also incredibly hardy. They are mainly surface dwellers although a low branch or two should be included as they will try to climb a little. They accept all normal foodstuffs although banana seems to be a firm favourite. They readily breed in captivity with babies often having a high survival rate, growing extremely quickly. You can expect the young to go from egg to adult within 18 months


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