5 x P. magnifica - Metallica emerald cockroaches
  • 5 x P. magnifica - Metallica emerald cockroaches

    Quantity - colony of 5
    Size - mixed
    Source - WC
    Country of Origin - Vietnam
    Temp 23 - 28c 
    Humidity 60-70%
    This species enjoys a lot of verticality, so keep that in mind when picking out an enclosure. An airtight lid is suggested, as all life stages can climb smooth surfaces, and males can fly. A climbing barrier such as silicone oil or petroleum jelly can be used, but it's possible small nymphs could get trapped and drown in such barriers... 
    A thin layer of substrate should be provided, such as coconut fiber or peat moss. Plenty of hides in the form of curved hardwood bark slabs, cork hollows, eggcrates and perhaps small rotten logs should be provided. It seems this species doesn't have quite the fondness for boring into rotten wood as the closely related Perisphaerus spp., so such material appears to be unnecessary. This species does enjoy climbing and is somewhat aboreal, so they'll appreciate you adding branches to their setup or arranging their hides to be vertically slanted.
    While most people seem to assume this species likes it very humid, they actually seem to do best when only a quarter of the enclosure is kept humid. They should be given a high amount of cross ventilation, as good airflow seems to be pretty important to this species. From what I've heard, stagnant air appears to slow down reproduction like in Perisphaerus pygmaeus. 
    A staple diet of fresh fruits, along with pollen or artificial pollen works best for this species. They may nibble on alternative protein sources like dog/cat/chick feed or fish flakes, but seeing as they are palynivores they much prefer getting their protein from pollen or artificial pollen, and do best when it's offered consistently.
    This species breeds best when kept in the 23-28c  range humidity 60-70%They can breed when kept a bit cooler, albeit at a dramatically reduced rate. 

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