Damon medius - Tailless Whip scorpion
  • Damon medius - Tailless Whip scorpion

    Size - medium

    Source - WC

    Country of Origin - West Africa

    Temperature - 24-26c

    Humidity - 70% - 80%


      If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll recognise this. This species of tailless whip scorpion grows to 3 inches in body size and is arboreal, it should be kept in a large enclosure. It is a communal species. Humidity should be 70-80% and temperature should be 24-26 C. This species is non venomous. Please note that as these animals are WC and also very delicate, ocassionally they may be missing part of a leg or antenna. This will be regenerated in subsequent moults and will not affect the health of the animal