Nepa sp Africa  - Giant african water scorpion
  • Nepa sp Africa - Giant african water scorpion

    Size - adult / subadult

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - west Africa

    • Extra info

      Venomous Visions has one of the more unusal species of invert available again. Nepa sp Africa or Giant african water scorpion are very easy to care for. These animals need to have constant access to water as they swim as well as a drier area as they do like to come out of the water onto land at times.You can use pond water or rainwater for them, tap water is not suitable as chemicals may be present in it.

      They also need a surface plant like pond weed to hold onto so that they can stick their breathing tube out of the water to breathe. They can be kept communally if desired.

      They are also very easy to feed as they will take anything that moves, like crickets/fish/tadpoles/earthworms etc