Salpidobolus sp - PNG toxic millipede for sale
  • Salpidobolus sp - PNG toxic millipede

    Size - large subadult / adult

    Source - WC

    Country of Origin - Papua New Guinea

    Temperature - 25 - 28c

    Humidity - 90% 

    • Extra Information

      Here at Venomous Visions we have a millipede species that's a bit unusual and not commonly available

      Note & caution ⚠ This is not a millipede species for beginners or new keepers as this species has the potential to cause real harm by using its defence mechanism of secreting harmful chemicals that can burn the skin. The gaseous emissions can irritate the eyes, nose and mouth. They can also spray the chemicals as well so wear safety gloves, glasses and face mask. While individuals may be reluctant to use their defence mechanisms it doesn't mean they can't or won't.

      However as long as proper precautions are followed these are definitely a more unusual species of millipede to add to any collection