Spiropoeus fischeri millipede for sale
  • Spiropoeus fischeri - Giant matt black millipedes

    Size - Subadult - Adult

    Source - WC 

    Country of Origin - Africa

    Temp 24-28c

    Humidity 70-80 %

    • Extra info

      This species used to be known as Mardonius Parilis Acuticontis but has been reclassified. As this millipede is a large species, care must be taken to ensure that it has adequate space in it's enclosure. In particular Spiropoeus fischeri need at least 8-10 inches deep of substrate. This is a very docile species which is also very easy to care for making it great as a beginner millipede or one of the better species for kids as it doesn't seem to mind some gentle handling. However, it can and sometimes does secrete a chemical similar to iodine which although not dangerous, will stain skin purple for a few days. If you'd rather prevent this, just wear gloves when handling this millipede species