Giant orange banded millipede for sale UK
  • Spirostreptus sp. 9 - Giant orange banded

    Size - subadult - Adult

    Source - WC

    Country of Origin - Cameroon

    Temperature 23-27c

    Humidity 80 %

    • Basic Care

      Here is an ever popular species (which in our opinion is rightly so) of millipede for sale. Spirostreptidae sp9 is a giant species which is an impressive addition to any collection. These are a giant species so care must be taken to give them a large depth of substrate. However as long as their basic needs are met, these millipedes are very easy to look after. Like other millipede species these animals require large amounts of dead leaves and rotten white wood but also appreciate occasional pieces of fruit and vegetables as a supplement to their main diet. 

      We have bred these in captivity so it is definitely possible to do this, however they aren't a prolific species so you should have no concerns about the possibility of being over run with babies.