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Spirostreptus sp 1 Burmese millipede for sale
  • Spirostreptus sp 1 - Burmese beauty babies

    Size - babies 2 - 3cm

    Source - CB23

    Country of Origin - Africa

    Temperature 22-26c

    Humidity 70-80 %

    Growing to a maximum size of just over 5 and half inches this species can be found coiled on the surface but will actively climb given the opportunity add branches to the enclosure feeding on rotten wood and leaf litter they will take soft fruits and veg they will take high protein food aswell not fussy just like Telodeinopus aouti.

    • Basic Requirements

      An often unfairly overlooked species, these millipedes grow to a max size of 15cm. They require temps 22c -26c of and a humidity of  70%-80%. This is quite an active species and does like to climb so branches must be provided for them. They do secrete a lot when handled. They can and do breed in captivity so baby millipedes are a possibility from this species.

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