Prionotheca coronata - Long legged Darkling beetle for sale
  • Prionotheca coronata - Long legged Darkling beetle

    Size - subadult - adult

    Source - WC 

    Country of Origin - Egypt 

    Humidity - 0

    Temperature 25-30c during the day, with a drop at night 20-24c

    • Basic Requirements

      Prionotheca coronata is a  very busy species of beetle that is active on the surface and happy to live in groups. These are feeding on soft fruits,vegetables, carrion, rotten white wood and bug jellies. They are a very popular species of beetle as they are rarely available in the hobby. Please note that this species of beetle should be kept on sand which is 5-6 inches deep to mimic their natural enviroment. They do not drink from a water dish, instead they need to be sprayed once a week or ideally fed cucumber instead once a week to prevent the sand going hard. A hide must be provided for them at all times

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