Prionotheca coronata - Long legged Darkling beetle
  • Prionotheca coronata - Long legged Darkling beetle

    Size - subadult

    Source - WC

    Country of Origin - Egypt

    Temperature 25-30c during the day, with a drop at night 20-24c

    A very busy species feeding on pre killed locusts, large cricket and dog biscuits,

    Substrate 4 - 5 inches deep, made from sand , misting one end of enclosure lightly can help to trigger egg laying, add some Cork bark or slate and rocks for a more realistic enclosure

    • Basic Requirements

      Here at Venomous Visions we are in live with this rarely available species of beetle. Prionotheca coronata is a  very species that is active on the surface and happy to live in groups. These are feeding on soft fruits,vegetables, carrion, rotten white wood and bug jellies. They are a very popular species of beetle as they are rarely available in the hobby. Please note that this species of beetle should be kept on sand which is 5-6 inches deep to mimic their natural enviroment. They do not drink from a water dish, instead they need to be sprayed once a week or ideally fed cucumber instead once a week to prevent the sand going hard. A hide must be provided for them at all times

      They would be a nice and unusual addition to any bug enthusiasts collection