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Thyropygus sp purple banded millipede
  • Thyropygus sp purple banded millipede

    Size - small Juvenile

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - Malaysia

    Temp 22-25c

    Humidity 70-80 %

    • Basic Requirements

      Thyropygus sp purple banded is a large, slender species of millipede growing to at least 25cm+. It is a terrestrial species which should be kept between temps of 22c-25c with a humidity of around 70%-80%. However this species does benefit from branches in the enclosure as some individuals do like to climb. When handled, the purple banded millipede secretes a lot but otherwise is a great starter species. It eats a phenomenal amount of dead leaves and wood but also, like many other millipede species, eagerly consumes many varieties of fruit and vegetables

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