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alipes grandidieri flag tail centipede on moss
  • Alipes Grandidieri - flag tail centipede

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - WC

    Country of origin - Africa

    Temp- 23-27c

    Humidity 60-70%

    NOTE -

    It's not uncommon for centipedes to be missing a leg, antenna or part of their tail this will regenerate with each moult


      A small centipede growing to 12 cm plus.

      A good starter species for new keepers.

      This species must be kept damp as high humidity is essential, 70 - 80 % Temperature of 24 - 26 C.

      Keep on a substrate mix of topsoil and sand.

      Shagnum moss helps retain high humidity, a water dish and cork hides.

      When this centipede becomes aggressive it will rustle its modified back terminal legs which have flat pink paddles on them.

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