Telodeinopus aouti for sale
  • CB 2020 Telodeinopus aouti - Giant olive millipede

    Size - 3 cm

    Source - Cb

    Country of Origin - Africa

    Temp 22 - 28c

    Humidity - 70-80 %

    Note - These are 3 cm in size and are unsexed.

    • Extra Information

      Here at Venomous Visions we've done it again and are able to offer you another species of millipede captive bred by us!

      They are a very easy to care for species of millipede but are brilliant escape artists if they get the chance so a secure enclosure is a must for them. They can grow up to 19cm long. This species is semi arboreal so climbing branches need to be provided. As with other millipedes, a plentiful supply of rotten white wood and rotten leaves should always be available. They also enjoy fruit and veg when offered. Protein can be provided in the form of fish food flakes, the baby millipedes especially appreciate an unusually high amount of protein in addition to the usual diet. These can be very prolific breeders in captivity with the babies being easy to care for as they can be left with the adults.

      These are young animals so still have a lot of growing to do