coromus diaphorus flat millipede for sale
  • Coromus diaphorus

    Size - Adult

    Source - WC

    Country of origin - Africa

    Temp 22-25c

    Humidity 80-90%


      This is an unusual millipede as it is flat rather than the usual round bodied ones. It grows to between 6 - 9 cm long. Temperature should be 23 - 26 C and humidity should be 80 - 90%. This species is mainly active on the surface and like other millipedes eats its substrate so should always have a plentiful supply of rotten white wood and dead leaves. Substrate should be at least 10 cm deep for this species. They also eat lichens. Soft fruit and vegetables are largely ignored by this species. Please note that these millipedes can secrete cyanide, not nearly enough to cause harm but they need to be kept well ventilated to stop the gas building up and killing them. We do not recommend keeping these with other species because of this reason