Tractor millipede for sale
  • Coromus vittatus - stripe flat millipedes

    Size - Medium to large

    Source - wc

    Country of origin - Africa

    Temperature - 22-25c

    Humidity - 70%

    • Basic Requirements

      These millipedes are a bit more unusual as they are flat. This makes them very appealing to some keepers and aren't any more difficult to care for. They do however require very good ventilation as they give off a gas (cyanide) which, although not nearly enough to cause harm, if trapped with poor ventilation can build up and kill them. Otherwise, keeping them is fairly straight forward. They grow up to 15 cm so do require a reasonable amount of space, although being terrestrial not as much as most medium size millipedes. They appear to do best at temps of 23c-26c with a humidity of 70%-80%.  These are a specialist feeding species eating large amounts of rotten white wood and rotten leaf litter and have no interest in fruit or vegetables

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