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Heterometrus silenus  - forest scorpion
  • Heterometrus silenus - forest scorpion

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - wc

    Origin - Vietnam

    Temperature 24 - 28c

    Humidity - 70 - 80%

    Formerly classified as heterometrus petersii in the hobby, these have now been identified as Heterometrus silenus. An easy to keep species of scorpion and kept by many invertebrate and exotic keeper's, the substrate should be 5 - 6 inches deep made from topsoil or a topsoil and sand mix , provide a small water dish, a few corkbark hides and some leaf litter for a natural look, you can also add sphagnum moss to aid with Humidity and misting twice weekly as and when needed they will actively climb given the chance and their diet consists of crickets, locusts, Mario worms, beetle grubs and roaches these can be kept in 12 x 12 x 12 inch enclosure but the more ground space you can give the better as they will actively explore and hunt

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