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Spirostreptidae sp Cameroon rosy leg millipede for sale
  • Spirostreptidae sp Cameroon rosey leg millipede

    Size - subadult

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - Cameroon

    Temperature - 23 -27c

    Humidity - 70-80%

    Growing to a maximum size of 8 inches

    This is an arboreal species from west Africa provide these with lots of branches for climbing active during the day and evening they will burrow but prefer to be on the surface or climbing branches and eating lichen off them , feeding on rotten white wood and rotten leaf litter they'll also eat large amounts of soft fruits and veg

    • Basic Care

      Here is another slightly more unusual species of millipede from Venomous Visions. Spirostreptidae sp Cameroon Rosy Leg is an attractive medium species which are very easy to care for. As with all millipede species, they are detrivores so they do require rotten leaf litter and rotten white wood which is also available on our website. 

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