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Giant Cameroon green millipede for sale
  • Spirostreptus Sp 8 - Giant Cameroon green millipede

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - cb

    Country of Origin - Cameroon

    Temperature 22 - 26c

    Humidity 70-80 %

    • Basic Care

      Venomous Visions have another very pretty and popular millipede species for sale here. They do come in a range of shades which in our opinion only adds to the appeal of the species. 

      As this millipede is a large species, care must be taken to ensure that it has adequate space in it's enclosure. In particular these millipedes need at least 8-10 inches deep of substrate. This is a very docile species which is also very easy to care for making it great as a beginner millipede or one of the better species for kids as it doesn't seem to mind some gentle handling. However, it can and sometimes does secrete a chemical similar to iodine which although not dangerous, will stain skin purple for a few days. If you'd rather prevent this, just wear gloves when handling this millipede species. 

      Spirostreptus sp.8 are not as interested in fresh fruit or vegetables as some other species seem to be but do eat rotten white wood and dead leaves just as all other millipedes do

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