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Telodeinopus assiensis - white legged millipede
  • Telodeinopus assiensis - white legged millipede

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - wc

    Origin - Nigeria, Ghana

    Temp 21-25c

    Humidity - 80- 90%

    • Extra info

      Note : These come in variety of colours so may vary from stock photos. 

      These are in our opinion a very under rated species of millipede. Here at Venomous Visions we love keeping them as they have no specialist requirements and can often be seen on the surface of the enclosure. One of their common names is the feather foot millipede which describes them perfectly as they appear to glide along the surface. 

      This is definitely a species which should take pride of place in any collection

    • Basic Care

      Venomous Visions is bringing you yet another very pretty and popular species here. They are easy to care for with no special requirements needed. As with other millipede species, these animals eat mainly rotten leaves and rotten white wood so this should always be a large part of their substrate. They do very well in captivity and with the right care requirements do breed and lay eggs.

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