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Thelyphonus sp borneo - Borneo redback vinegaroon
  • Thelyphonus sp borneo - Borneo redback vinegaroon

    Size - juvenile - subadult

    Source - wc

    Country of Origin - Borneo

    Temperature - 22 - 26c

    Humidity - 70 - 80 %


    These are a medium size species of vinegaroon from Indonesia with quite pronounced red colouration. Their substrate should be made from topsoil which is  4 - 5 inches deep as they will dig burrows to live in. Add some leaf litter and moss if you wish and small branches as they will actively climb and some cork bark for a hide. They are feeding on crickets and meal worms (You might prefer tong feeding meal worms so they don't get lost in the substrate). They don't moult often during their life cycle, only around four times.

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